Tautoko Hauora Service Launches in Waitaha Canterbury, Bridging Healthcare Gaps for All

Pegasus Health is thrilled to announce our new Tautoko Hauora Service in collaboration with Methodist Mission, He Waka Tapu, Christchurch City Mission, and Tangata Atumotu Trust.  

“Our main goal is to provide support to individuals who may not be enrolled in a general practice or who may not have frequent access to their primary healthcare teams. We believe that everyone in our community deserves to receive the care they need, no matter their circumstances. And that’s where our incredible Kaitautoko (support workers) come in—they’re here to bridge the gap and ensure that everyone can access the care they need” Pegasus Health Community Services Manager, Karen Meadows-Taurua said. 

The Tautoko Hauora service is designed to support people in the Waitaha region, helping them access primary healthcare and social services. Our dedicated Kaitautoko are a mobile workforce, capable of making home and community visits when it’s appropriate. They will conduct an assessment of the individual’s health and well-being needs, creating a personalized plan to guide them on their wellness journey. And if additional support is required, our service can make referrals to other health and social services. 

“Our manaakitanga approach means that everyone in our community deserves access to healthcare” says Karen.

General practices and health professionals can refer individuals to our amazing team based at Pegasus House. We’ll then allocate those referrals to our partner providers, who employ our dedicated Kaitautoko. Patients can even self-refer to our service if they prefer!  

Find out more, and make a referral here: Tautoko Hauora – Pegasus Health | Primary Health Services 

Please note: Tautoko Hauora is not an emergency service.