Keeping yourself and others well this Summer

We all want to make the most of summer to get together with friends and family – and some simple precautions can help make sure we keep ourselves and other well. Here are our top tips for a healthy Summer:

If you’re unwell, stay at home or where you are if you’re on holiday

  • If you are feeling sick stay at home, or wherever you are, whether with whānau or at your holiday accommodation. Don’t travel, attend take part in, or host gatherings or activities.

When you’re out and about

  • If you’re anxious about getting sick, consider limiting the time you spend in closed, crowded or confined places, and think about wearing a well fitting mask when you are around a lot of other people.
  • We highly recommend you wear a mask when visiting healthcare services to protect those at higher risk of getting very sick.
  • Keep up with healthy habits.

Look out for yourself and others

  • Take your medication as prescribed – especially any preventers, such as for asthma or allergies, that help stop flare ups and keep you well.
  • Check in often on family, friends, and neighbours, especially those who live alone, or who are at higher risk of getting very sick, such as older or disabled people.

Getting Help

  • If you, or someone in your whānau, feels unwell, gets injured, or needs help or advice, you can talk to your local GP, urgent care clinic, pharmacy or hauora provider, or call Healthline on 0800 611 116.
  • You can also book a virtual on-line consultation with a GP with a New Zealand-based provider. You can find out more about virtual consultations at Healthinfo or Healthify.
  • Remember, in an emergency always call 111 or go directly to your local hospital emergency department. Find local healthcare services by visiting Healthpoint.


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