Get the Most Out of Your Virtual Appointment: Tips and Tricks!

We’ve got some fantastic tips to help you make the most out of your next virtual appointment, straight from our friends at Practice Plus. So let’s dive right in and ensure that your virtual appointment is a breeze!

Tip Tips for a great virtual appointment:

  1. Make sure you’re connected: Having a solid internet connection is key. You don’t want any buffering or pixelated video during your appointment. One way to ensure this is to kindly ask your household members to avoid live streaming videos while you’re on the call.
  2. Be prepared with your meds: Gather your current medications before the appointment. It’s always handy to have them nearby. And don’t forget a trusty pen and paper to jot down any important points you want to discuss and any follow-up actions your clinician recommends.
  3. Find your cozy, private spot: Choose a private space where you can freely and comfortably chat with your clinician. If others are around, no worries! Just let your clinician know through the chat function, and they’ll make sure your privacy is maintained.
  4. Have your payment card ready: If there are any payments involved, it’s a good idea to have your debit or credit card ready. That way, you won’t need to scramble or delay the process.
  5. Go hands-free for a better experience: Using hands-free devices, like headphones or a Bluetooth headset, can enhance your call experience. If you’re using a smartphone or tablet, find a way to prop it up so you can move around freely if needed.
  6. Familiarise yourself with your clinician and your pharmacy: If you know who your usual clinician is, that’s great! It helps to establish a familiar connection. And don’t forget to have your desired pharmacy in mind for any prescriptions.
  7. Be in the know: During your appointment, make sure you clearly understand any instructions regarding medication, work certificates, self-care advice at home, and important warning signs that may require further care. It’s all about keeping you informed

It’s important to note that Practice Plus isn’t suitable for all health concerns. If you have a medical emergency or need a physical examination, please call 111 right away. Practice Plus is here for non-urgent medical conditions or concerns.

Curious to learn more? Sneak a peek at Practice Plus’ website. They’ve got a treasure trove of frequently asked questions and answers. Just head over to their Virtual GP and Telehealth Frequently Asked Questions page.